What would you do if you found a parking ticket from 1975?  Probably throw it out right?  Not if your name is Stanley Baker from Orlando, Florida.  You would pay that ticket and ask for a receipt.

The parking ticket was written on November 7, 1975 and it was for parking in front of an expired meter.  The fee was just $1 and evidently it went unpaid for many years until it fell into Baker's hands.  Literally...it fell out of a book that he had bought at a garage sale.

When it fell into his lap though, he thought it was his duty to pay it.  So he did...and he asked for a receipt as a bit of a joke.

The police got involved only because the original ticket was sent in with the original envelope  to the department, where a room now used as an auditorium was then a night and traffic court.

Because the department doesn't keep records of parking tickets that date back that far, he didn't have to pay any extra late fees.  Case closed!