We all remember the story of the crazy Florida man who was caught eating another man’s face.  Well, a medical examiner’s report is showing that 31-year old Rudy Eugene only had marijuana in his system.  So…..it must be the marijuana that makes one eat another man’s face?  I mean, potheads, hippies and casual users are always getting the munchies, and always eating face as a first choice of food.  LOL.  Obviously this man was insane.  It wasn’t the “weed” that made him do it.  I have..... tons of friends who use.  I serve tons of drunk potheads at the bar I work at.  They’ve been trashed at times, but never once has anyone decided to feast on face!  What about the “bath salts”…that drug has people sprawled out on hoods of moving cars…eating face, etc etc….??  Miami police said that Eugene’s actions were so nutty that it had to be bath salts.  Guess not!   So, what was the real cause/motivation for Rudy Eugene’s heinous attack on Ronald Poppo in May?  We’ll never know.  Friends of Eugene say he was a religious man and would never do such a thing.  Was it the pot that made him eat Poppo’s face?  Doubt it!

Before/After pics of Ronald Poppo!!--WARNING--GRAPHIC!