Mark Chesnutt is an "old school" country singer from Beaumont, Texas.  He had numerous hits on the Billboard Country Singles chart back in the 90's.

The cool thing about Mark Chesnutt is that he is a regular guy with no ego. One night after one his concerts, he and I met up at the old Crazy Horse Saloon in Tonawanda. As soon as I got there, Mark got us a bottle of Jack Daniels and we passed the bottle back and forth all night long until it was gone.  He explained that when you drink whiskey with your good friends in Texas, there are no glasses used.  You just pass the bottle back and forth.  Neither of us was driving as he was staying at a hotel across the street and I had a designated driver to take me home.  I still have his Ranger Boats hat that he gave me that night.

Join me this Saturday morning 6 to 10 for Wide Open Country as we salute one of the coolest country singers I have ever met.