The Country Music Hall Of Fame announced who is going to be added to the prestigious list of performers inside it's walls. If you are fairly new to Country Music, the name Connie Smith may be a bit unfamiliar. Before there was ever Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift or even Tanya Tucker, there was ladies like Connie Smith. Pure voice talents. Yes, Connie was and to this day remains being one of the prettiest ladies in Country Music. However, there was a time when your vocal abilities took priority. And boy does she have em.

Being on the air on a contemporary radio station means playing the current hits. Artists like Connie have taken a back seat on today's radio. Things evolve. I get that. I am what you might call a traditionalist when it comes to music. Connie Smith is one of the greatest female singers to represent the essence of what Country Music is at it's core. Her ability to convey the emotions within a set of lyrics is exactly what I am referring to. When she recorded a song it wasn't about screaming or vocal trills. It wasn't about trying to be someone else. Connie's voice is  clear and well defined. To this day I could pick it out of a thousand voices.

I'm not saying that today's stars aren't unique in there own right. I'm just saying that artists like Connie are just that...artists. There is something intangible about her abilities that are not "cookie cutter" in nature. I was glad to see that Connie has made it into the Hall Of Fame! Her life story, her career and her legacy are exactly what Country Music should be defined as.

Here are my 3 favorites from her...