It's been a busy few weeks with new artists stopping by the radio station to play new music for us.  Last Friday (March 15), a talented young singer/songwriter, Morgan Frazier, popped by to play and show off her songwriting talents for me and some WYRK staff members.

It's obvious that Morgan is totally invested in country music, and it shows in the songs she has written and performed for us.  I'd love for you to take a look and a listen to someone I think will make her mark in music very soon.

Her first single, called "Yellow Brick Road," is a great story song playing off the classic 'Wizard of Oz,' and with the bullying epidemic, the song "Hey Bully" is one all young kids and parents should here.

Check them out!

"Yellow Brick Road"

"Hey Bully"

"Cowboys Ride"

"Hell In A Bathtub"