After the winter we had here in Western New York, I can't imagine spending even one night outdoors, but this kid did it for a whole year.

His name is Rudy Hummel, he's 17, and last Friday night, he completed his goal of sleeping outside his Minnesota home to prove to himself that he could do it while at the same time raising money for two charities.

Rudy invited some friends to spend the final night with him, but last summer he battled swarms of mosquitoes and during the polar vortex winter he experienced 76 sub-zero nights. His parents asked him a number of times if he was ready to quit, but the Boy Scout was determined.

Rudy Hummel Snore Outdoors blog

During the past year he raised six-thousand dollars for Habitat For Humanity, an organization that builds shelters for the homeless and the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, a group that protects migratory birds.

The whole time everything else in his life was the same. He kept up with his studies, hung out with friends, but at night he slept outdoors. In Rudy's final blog he wrote that he'd "do it again in a heartbeat." What an incredible kid.