In the recent issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, Miranda Lambert talks about co-writing a song with her husband Blake Shelton and this particular song is a real special song for Blake and Miranda.  It deals with the death of Blake’s brother Richie who died in a car accident at age 24, Blake was only 14 at the time. 

"One day he just opened up and was talking to me about it.  And then he was playing this pretty little melody and we started adding words."  "I've never cried writing a song before," Miranda admits.  "Now that I'm so close to him, it's my pain, too". 

The song is titled “Over You” and it will be included on Miranda’s upcoming release “Four the Record”.   Blake has said he wouldn’t be able to sing the song onstage every night and suggested that it be put on Miranda’s CD.  I think it would be even tough for Miranda to sing it live and I’m not so sure she will, but you never know.  I look forward to hearing the song, Miranda’s new CD will be released on November 1st.