If you've ever been to a concert, chances are you've seen people batting beach balls around the arena.  It really gives the show a fun type of atmosphere.

But if you are heading out with your beach ball in hand this summer, don't bring them to a Miranda Lambert show!

Think about it from her perspective: You're trying to set a mood on stage, and all of a sudden, here comes a beach ball at your head. She tells People Magazine that she's got something special planned for those beach balls if they ever make it up on stage with her.

Beach balls are the enemy. People need to know that. Some people are scared of clowns. Some people are scared of moms. Or whatever. They have their little fears. When I'm singing a ballad onstage and a beach ball comes flying at my head, it makes me crazy. Literally. So I keep a box cutter on my drum riser for such occasions."

The last thing anybody ever wants to see is a crazy Miranda Lambert!