Jackie Johnson-Smith usually would want to go out to dinner for her birthday dinner, but her three young kids make it not so easy to do. While the family was out at a pizzeria for dinner, Jackie needed to breastfeed her youngest, who's just under a year old.

“It was chaotic -- I had one kid licking the honey container on the table, another standing on his chair, and my baby was fussing," says Jackie. She says she usually doesn't like breastfeeding in public because people give her weird looks and are so judgmental even though she uses a nursing cover, according to Yahoo.

But then she got a note on her receipt that left her in tears. "I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!"

Jackie Johnson

The waitress, Bodi Kinney, has a young child of her own and said:

I noticed Johnson-Smith nursing and was so thrilled she did it. I tried not to stare because I didn’t want to seem creepy or make her feel uncomfortable, but I felt like doing jumping jacks Although I nurse my baby no matter where I am—at the supermarket, in clothing stores—people often react negatively. Recently, I had to leave my daughter’s school play to nurse my 8-month-old for fear of offending someone. I wanted to let this woman know in some shape or form, that she was doing the right thing.