We learned yesterday that “Monopoly” has dumped the iron and replaced it with the cat as a play piece on the game board.

Hasbro invited “Monopoly” fans to vote on the switch and more than 10-million people did. The boot, iron and wheelbarrow received the fewest votes in support. The Scottie dog got the most support.

We thought the thimble would get ejected. Some people don’t even know what a thimble is. Some people thought the wheelbarrow would be dumped. Afterall, it keeps tipping over.

So it’s the cat and it’ll make its debut later this year. Until then if you’re a fan of the iron – better get one now.

“Monopoly” extends back to the early 1900’s when Lizzie Phillips created a game called “The Landlord’s Game”. It’s the basis for what had long been a Parker Brothers game introduced in the 1930’s, most of the game properties based on real locations in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

There have been a few changes over the years – the colors of some properties, the Luxury Tax and Income Tax amounts and since 2004 when you draw the “Bank Pays You Dividend of $50” Uncle Pennybags no longer smokes a cigar. He waves dollar bills instead.

Interesting that during World War II, British Intelligence had the game maker create special editions of the game that were given to prisoners held by the Nazis. Hidden inside the games were maps, compasses, real money and other things they could use to escape. They were handed out by fake charity groups created by the British Secret Service.