Everyone can recall at least one embarrassing moment where they either walked out of the bathroom with a trail of toilet paper or with their fly open.  For some, maybe the embarrassment was even more severe.  Here are lists for both men and women, of embarrassing moments.  See if you've been associated with one, many or all......


1. Having toilet paper stuck to their shoe

2. A breast escaping

3. Getting their skirt caught in their panties

4. Smudging make-up

5. Lipstick on teeth

6. Heel stuck in drain

7. Skirt blowing up in wind (the Marilyn Monroe)

8. Losing bikini top in the pool



1. The open fly---peek a boo

2. Cutting a gasser in public

3. Tripping and falling

4. Finding an unknown booger (bat in cave)

5. Leaking on your pants

6. Getting beat by a woman...at anything

7. Splitting your pants

8. Credit card rejection


(Radio Online)