Are you looking for cheap living?  You might want to pack up and head for Harlingen, Texas!  Harlingen is at the top of the rankings for least expensive cities and that is based on a cost of living index during 2011.  The Council for Community and Economic Research looked at prices in a variety of categories including housing, groceries, utilities, transportation as well as health care. 

Here are the top five least and most expensive cities to live in:

Least expensive cities to live in:

#1 - Harlingen, Texas

#2 - Pueblo, Colorado

#3 - McAllen, Texas

#4 - Temple, Texas

#5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Most expensive cities to live in:

#1- Manhattan, NY

#2- Brooklyn, NY

#3- Honolulu, Hawaii

#4- San Francisco, California

#5- Queens, NY

(Metro Source)