Came across a report by CNN Money on what they called the most profitable vehicles for their companies since 1995. The top three were all trucks and all but one of the rest in the Top 10 were products of foreign companies. It’s all based on estimates of sales because auto companies don’t make that information public.

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    Ford F-150

    The top two were close, but nosing out in front to take the number one spot was the Ford F-150. Berstein Research of London says “there has been no greater profit machine in the history of the industry than the F-series.” The estimated profits generated by the F-150 are in the $40 billion range. Sales have been consistently high and buyers have a tendency to go with all of the options to increase the profit margin even more.

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    Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra

    Simplicity works for GM. Body-on-frame engineering hasn’t changed in years. Together the Silverado and Sierra have generated nearly the same $40 billion in profits for GM as the F-series trucks have for Ford.

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    Dodge Ram

    Dodge Ram. Dodge sells fewer pick-ups than Ford and Chevy, so the profits are less. In this case more than half as much at about $18 billion.

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    Mercedes Benz S Class

    These cars are expensive and people who have the money are willing to pay for it. Charge more – make more. Mercedes Benz can and does. If you took pick-up trucks out of the survey the S Class is the most profitable car in the world bringing in $15 billion in profits since 1995.

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    BMW 5 Series

    BMW 5 Series was introduced in 1972 and is one of the mostly highly recommended luxury cars. Up until last year it came in both a sedan and wagon, but in 2011 the wagon was replaced by the X5 SUV. It comes in at number 5 on the list.

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    BMW 3 Series

  • 7

    Mercedes Benz E Class

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    Lexus RX

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    Jeep Grand Cherokee

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    Honda Accord