How could you simply leave your child to fend for herself? I don't understand it. Last weekend, a 32-year-old woman tried to abandon two of her children with two seperate people at the Taste Of Buffalo.  Now there's a story circulating about a woman who tried to leave her disabled daughter at a bar because she "couldn't handle her" anymore.

On June 28, a Chicago-area woman named Eva Cameron dropped her disabled 19-year-old daughter off at a Tennessee bar to use the restroom and just drove away.  The girl has cerebral palsy and is severely disabled.  Her vocabulary consists of only around 30-40 words, and she had no ID on her, so the police had no idea who she was.  Thankfully, an annonymous tip led police to Eva, who admitted that she dropped her off because she couldn't handle her.

She chose to drop her off in Tennessee because they had "the no. 1 health care system in the United States of America.”

I don't care if they do have the best care there.  What she did was wrong.  It's disgusting.  Looking out for your child doesn't mean finding the place that will do it the best for you.  If you want to take advantage of Tennessee's health care system, you move to Tennessee.  You don't just drop your child off there and let someone else deal with it.  I'd be quick to say that she's the worst mom ever.  But I refuse to call her a mom.  Moms don't do that.  She's not a mom.  She's just someone who gave birth.

The worst part about the whole thing is that this woman isn't even going to be charged with a crime.  Because the girl is 19, she is considered an adult, regardless of her diability.