The Farey's Nursery "Mother's Day Confession" contest has begun, and sorting through these is quite amusing! From broken furniture to pets mysteriously gone missing, we are getting some great stuff! Today's story come to us from Al Wagner..

We read Al's confession on the air, and he wins a gift pack from Farey's Nursery -- your Mother's Day headquarters!

When I was a sophomore in college, I was home for the summer and home alone at the time. My parents and sisters were out, and I decided to hit golf balls in the yard, even though I did not play. I hooked one to the right, it bounced off the garage and hit the bathroom window, making a perfectly round hole in the top right corner. From inside, the valence covered it, and I cleaned up the little bit of glass there was. Sometime in the fall when they were putting up screens and lowering the storm window, my parents found it. They blamed my sisters and I never told them different.