And last but not least...we give you the fifth and final confession of the week in our Mother's Day contest.

Thanks again to Faery's Nursery on Ridge Road in Ransomville for their gifts this week! Michael Cavanagh gives us today's confession, which took a little bit of white-out to cover up.

I hate spiders as well! I can relate to the quick reaction to dispose of them.

When I was younger, I was home alone one day, and I saw a spider web on the ceiling. So naturally, in order to get rid of it, I used a lighter that I found in the kitchen to burn it away. Unfortunately, I found out that the lighter not only burned the web but left a large black burn mark on our nice, white ceiling. So I grabbed some white-out and covered the black mark. It wasn't until about four years later when we were all sitting in the living, and my mom pointed at a spot on the ceiling and asked why "that spot was brighter." Quick thinking covered my mistake for four years, but eventually the truth comes out!