Last night was a perfect night for racing and I stopped by to see the action of the Western New York Mountain Bike Club Wednesday night series at Sprague Brook Park in Glenwood. The course was a tad wet but for these riders, that was not a problem.

This is my 3rd year of road cycling, and I am considering venturing into the mountain bike side of things. The beauty of mountain biking is that you get the competitive aspect you would in road biking combined with the challenge of trails and being in the woods. Last night's race course was 4.2 miles long and those that were in the "expert" division had to complete 4 laps. The more advanced riders (experts) were completing laps in around 20 minutes. That's pretty incredible considering the terrain and conditions of the course. I walked 3 miles of it and it was pretty difficult on foot! Check out the WNYMBA site and perhaps you will be inspired to join or stop by and witness the action some night!