Went to see the Lincoln Lawyer at Regal Quaker Crossing last evening. I thought it was fantastic! I am a fan of any good lawyer type of film and was curious about Matthew McConaughey in a role as a defense attorney.

Most of his movies are the not so serious type. But,   I thought he was great! He sold the cocky-arrogant lawyer very well.  This movie actually kept me interested for the entire time. Even without any gore or sex! The storyline did well at keeping all emotions involved. I actually found myself laughing out loud at some of the more sarcastic lines and felt the fear and even the sadness in spots.

A highlight was Trace Adkins' role as a leader of a biker gang.  He was a perfect choice for the role and man, did he nail it! I had no idea Trace could act so well. It almost was like it was natural for him.He pulled his lines off flawlessly and actually has a bigger part in the movie than I expected.

If you like movies that make you think and keep your attention for the entire time.  This is your movie. It's a good weekend date movie to.Guys will love it for the action and ladies for, well, Matthew McConaughey!