I know that Christmas is over, but I wanted to let you know that everyone in my house had a great Holiday, even our Golden Retriever Bailey. We always like to get our dog a Christmas gift of two. Usually he gets a new toy to play with, but this year he got something extra. My friend Patricia has a business called "Oh! You Dirty Dog" in Williamsville. It's an upscale self-serve dog wash where you bring in your dog and give your pet a bath. Aside from you giving your dog a bath, you also have the option of using one of their dog groomers to groom your pet. One of the groomers who works at Oh! You Dirty Dog! is Amanda. Finding her has been a godsend because we had searched for years to find a great groomer for Bailey. We tried so many different places and Bailey would get very nervous and upset. It was not a pleasant experince to get him groomed, until we found Amanda. She has such a way with our dog. He is so relaxed and at home with her. He now loves to get groomed, thanks to Amanda. Last Wednesday, Bailey got a grooming at Oh! You Dirty Dog! and he looks beautiful. This was my christmas present to my dog!