Yesterday I emceed a horse show at the Fairgrounds in Hamburg and when I got home I just wanted to relax a little bit.  Debbie and I took Bailey to our neighbors house to hang out. While we were there Bailey got sprayed by a skunk in the backyard.  Immediately we took the dog home and put him in our back yard.  My son Tyler sprang into action and went to our neighborhood supermarket for supplies.  We had to mix up a solution of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish detergent.  We scrubbed the dog twice and my son volunteered to sleep on the patio with Bailey.  Needless To Say, we were up all night with the dog,  then after two treatments of the special solution, he still stunk like a skunk.

So after a night of not much sleep, we headed out to a local pet supply store this morning to get another type of skunk odor remover for Bailey.  We applied the new treatment this afternoon and are waiting till it dries so we can wash that off. Hopefully he will be odor free in a little bit. This was not the relaxing 4th of July that we had planned. 

Back on the air tomorrow morning at ten.  Hope you are enjoying your Independence Day Holiday