I have to admit, I wasn't always the biggest Eric Church fan, but I am now.  There's something about his latest album "Chief" that hooked me.  That project is gold from track 1 til the last song on the disc.  Church is the headliner at this year's Taste of Country and I've been preparing for the big show by listening to a lot of his albums.  If I were to pick a favorite song by Eric Church, it'd be tough and it would probably be a song that wasn't or hasn't been released to radio.  If asked to pick my favorite songs released to radio, I'd have to say that......#1- "Drink In My Hand" would have to be in my Top 3

#2- "How Bout You"- is definitely in there.  How could it not be??

#3- Is a tie between "Guys Like Me" and "Smoke A Little Smoke"