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I don't know about you but I have always been a mustard guy. I like putting mustard on hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels and many other food items. I think I have tried almost every kind of mustard out there: beer mustard, brown mustard, yellow mustard, etc.

Out of all these different mustards that I have sampled over the years, only one has become my favorite. That mustard is Weber's Horseradish mustard which is made right here in Buffalo. This is the only mustard that I use. And now that I have gotten my daughter to try Weber's, it is the only mustard that she will eat.

When my cousin Dennis (who lives in Detroit) came to my home years ago, I had him try some Weber's Horseradish mustard. I now have to send him care packages of Weber's in the mail. And when I do road trips to Detroit, I have to bring some Weber's for Dennis. It has become his favorite as well.

It makes me proud that this incredible mustard is made right here in Buffalo.