I am in the "dog house" again...or is it still?

Sure, she can go "ga-ga" when she watches a Clint Eastwood or Brad Pitt flick. So I get this call at work from my wife wondering why I was watching Country singer Terri Clark video's on YouTube. Apparently she checked the "history" page on our computer and saw that I was looking at a few...well, maybe more than a few. I knew the "it's a work project" excuse wasn't going to cut it. So I did the honest, albeit, foolish thing...I told her the truth. I like her music. So that just set up her next question, "do you think she's pretty?". Well, ah...yes I do. That did it. Now she's mad. But after 30 years of marriage I have learned that she'll get over it. I have also learned another thing. Next time, I'll use that "Delete Browsing History" button!