The Jet Dryers became very famous after last year's Daytona 500. When Juan Pablo Montoya slammed in to the back of one following a caution, it set off a Twitter/media frenzy. This year, NASCAR will unveil a new design of dryer.Although these won't be used on track when the cars are, The Air Titan will make a big difference in the time duration of rain delays.


"A quick description of how it works: We'll have basically two sets of identical equipment on opposite sides of the track that will move in the same direction and do one complete pass of the racetrack, and the system basically works by having compressors feed air at a high rate of speed through a hose to the Air Titan modules, and the Air Titan is able to blow air in narrow, highly pressurized sheets over the race surface down onto the apron, and then on the apron we've got a regenerative air vacuum truck, which obviously absorbs the water provided by Elgin, and then we'll have jet dryers behind each cycle, we'll have five of those, that will move at a rate of speed at approximately 3 to 5 miles per hour, important for them to maintain a consistent speed."

Here is the video of Montoya's wreck in 2012: