Today is National Coffee Day.   No you don’t get the day off from work or school but Tim Horton’s did a survey of its Facebook followers and asked them who they’d most like to have a cup of coffee with and you might be surprised by the answers.  President George Bush Senior came out number one.  Bill Clinton came in third, followed by U2’s Bono.  Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney and President Obama also got a lot of

Legend is an Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee when he noticed his goats acting wild after they ate the berries from a coffee tree.

I’m not a coffee fan – so I’m not sure what Scandinavian-boiled coffee is or coffee brewed by the plunger pot
method.  Either way, scientists say avoid them because they raise cholesterol levels.  Instead, stick with soluable, drip filter and espresso coffees.

And decaf coffee?  Almost 80 percent use chemicals to remove the caffeine and that raises concerns about its effect on your health long term.  If you want to stick with decaf, look for coffees decaffeinated with the Swiss water process – completely natural without using chemicals.

Coffee and kids?  Not a good idea.  The effect of caffeine is more pronounced in children and coffee should never take the place of things kids really need like milk and fruit juice.

Be careful what you put in your coffee.  Whole milk, sugar and cream add up quickly.  A 16-ounce frappuccino with whipped cream packs 500 calories.  Just using milk adds only 10 calories.

And watch those coffee sizes.  A normal cup of coffee is considered 6 ounces.  Those monster cups of 12 and 16
ounces are double and almost triple a regular cup.

SOURCE:, Tim Horton's Coffee & Bake Shops