Keeping ourselves healthy in the business we’re in is so important. When we get a cold, sore throat, cough – it’s nearly impossible to do our job. We struggle thru it so bad that there have been times when our boss orders us to stay home.

That little tickle in the back of the throat is the signal to me I’m not going to be able to get thru more than a sentence or two before I start coughing and it’s something that sticks around for about a week before it settles down. I’ve tried everything. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time before it resolves itself.

Next time it comes up I’m going to try the old remedy – honey. Apparently it works and researchers have proved it. I remember my grandparents giving me lemon and honey….and they also mentioned whiskey and honey. I think they gave me the honey and they drank the whiskey.

Doctors in Israel did a test on 300 children with cough problems, ages one to five. Each child was given one dose of honey or a placebo made from dates. For the kids who took the honey – it suppressed the cough, they were able to sleep better and so did the parents. They tested three different kinds of honey and all three of them worked.

That’s shows there’s a significant option to medicine because if a child is given too much cough medicine it’s a depressant and can affect the central nervous system.

One health care professional says honey is something she gives her kids. It works better than anything she’s been able to buy over the counter.