Starting today, you’ll begin to see new $100 bills as the Federal Reserve continues to find ways to undermine counterfeiters. This one will be really hard to duplicate. It adds color and other features.

The new $100 bill still has the same picture of Benjamin Franklin on the front and Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on the back, but instead of the front view of the Hall, it’s a rear view.

You’ll find a yellow "100" in one corner and an inkwell in another corner with a Liberty Bell that changes color depending on the angle you hold it.

From top to bottom on the front is a blue security ribbon that shows small Liberty Bells and 100s printed in darker blue, which look like they’re moving as you move the bill back and forth.

It almost looks like a hologram, but the 100s and the bells are microscopic lenses that make the figures look like they’re moving.

Two-thirds of all $100 bills are circulated outside the United States, and it’s the most counterfeited of all U.S. bills. These new security features are expected to dramatically lower the fakes in circulation.

"We want to stay ahead of counterfeiting threats, we want to protect the public."

The government has printed 3.5 billion of the new bills. You’ll begin to see them over the next few weeks.