Just in case you've ever sat in bed and thought to yourself in the dark, "Man, could I ever go for some ice cream, but it's so dark, and I'd hate to turn on the lights," I've found the product for you! It's ice cream that glows in the dark!

You might not be as excited to eat it, though, when you find out what makes it glow. You see, the science behind it involves the same protein that makes a jellyfish glow.

Founded by Charlie Francis of Lick Me Delicious ice cream in the UK, he has harnessed the fluorescent properties of the jellyfish to develop the luminescent snack.

According to luxurylaunches.com, the ice cream reacts with the eater’s tongue – raising the pH level in the protein. Don't worry though, no jellyfish are harmed to make the ice cream. The protein has been genetically reproduced.

However, it doesn't come cheap. The ice cream itself costs around $225 per scoop.