No longer are the days of smoking closer than hundred feet from any school in New York State. Honestly I’m surprised this wasn’t already illegal.  Yesterday, a new law came in to effect making it illegal in New York to smoke within hundred feet of the entrances/exits and outdoor areas of any public or private schools. It’s been twenty four years since I graduated high school but I can clearly remember the designated smoking areas at my school. Teachers were able to smoke in their lounge in the building and teenagers who smoked were able to light up in the courtyard in center of school. I remember those kids who would rush to smoke during the short five minutes between classes, they were out of breath not only from smoking but from running from the courtyard to their next class which could have been on the other end of the building. This is another good step in keeping second hand smoke away from non-smokers.
All this reminds me of a scene in the move ‘Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion’ where comedian Janeane Garofalo invents a fast burning cigarette that would last just long enough between classes. I laughed so hard at the scene.  Scene includes language that may not be suitable for some.