Every January 1st new laws go into effect across the nation.  Some affect the whole country, some apply to states, others are unique only to individual towns.

In Illinois, any motorcyclist caught popping a wheelie while speeding will be subject to a $1,000 fine.

In Wellington, Kansas, you’re allowed to have a maximum of four cats in a household.  It was in response to a large number of cats in animal shelters that ended up being euthanized.

Plastic drinking bottles 16 ounces or smaller have been banned in Concord, Massachusetts, making that town the first in the nation to make selling plastic bottles illegal.

For drivers in Florida it’s no longer against the law to flash your lights to warn other drivers of police speed traps.

California will now allow driverless, computer-driven vehicles on the road. But a human has to be in the passenger seat at all times.

And in California if you get pulled over by police, you can show them proof of insurance on your smart phone.

Wild pigs is becoming such a problem in Kentucky that anyone caught releasing one into the wild is subject to a hefty fine.

In New York State – battery powered e-cigarettes are illegal to sell to anyone under 18.  Many of them come in candy flavors that could attract kids.

Have any laws in mind you'd like to see go into effect some day?