I’m getting ready to head in to Canada to drive home to Michigan for my dad’s 80th Birthday party tomorrow.  I would normally take the rainbow bridge but because I’m leaving from work it looks like it will be the peace bridge.  Have you heard about the peace bridges new ‘no idling’ policy? Under the policy, any vehicle that stops on one of the plazas (U.S and Canadian plazas) for shopping at the duty free stores etc. those vehicles engines now have to be turned off.  This is all part the effort to become more environmentally sensitive to the surrounding neighborhoods in Buffalo and in Fort Erie.  I don’t see why you would leave your vehicle running if you were entering a store, unless another passenger is still in the vehicle I guess.  But that doesn't matter now because the car will need to be shut off at those locations on the plaza.  I've never really stopped at the duty free so it doesn’t affect me much but I do wonder about those times when there are several hour waits at any of the bridges and cars are idling continuously, the environment surly takes a hit then.