It’s called the World Cube Association and each year they meet in Zonhoven, Belgium. They’re a group of…..let’s call ‘em Rubik’s Cube freaks. Or just call ‘em enthusiasts or fans and what they can do with the Rubik’s Cube is incredible.

I’ve never been able to figure them out but I’ve watched some people twist and turn and turn some more and within a couple of minutes they can solve it. I guess your mind has to work a certain way.

Originally called the Magic Cube, it was the invention of Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik. He developed it as a way to help his students understand the concept of 3-D objects. Over 350-million have been sold worldwide and it’s considered one of the world’s top selling toys.

Researchers at Northeastern University say that no matter how a Rubik’s Cube is configured it can be solved in 26 moves. But check out what one Hungarian was able to do in less than 30 seconds. He solved the Rubik's Cube blindfolded.