Let me get this straight. In order for me to hunt in New York (and most other states) I have to take and complete a safety course and basic hunting course. I also have to take a test, get lessons and stand in long lines to get a license to drive a vehicle. If I want to catch a silly sunfish, I have to pay for a license?Why is it and better yet, how is it possible that there is no such course, test, booklet or license for parenting?Agreed, I have yet to experience being a parent. I have watched kids but can always send them back to their mom and dad. However, as a guy that works for a living and pays into the New York State tax system, I feel like I have the right to ask why? Why are certain people allowed to have kids? It seems to me that much of the issues that we face as a nation is the fact that many of today's youth are growing up in either broken homes or in environments in which the parents neglect them or just don't have the skills to parent. Why is there a low graduation rate in the City of Buffalo Schools? Many argue that a lack of good parenting allows the kids to become lazy or frankly just not care about their education.

My father was famous for saying, "not every one has the advantages I have had." That might be true in some cases, but how do you explain the blatant lack of respect that kids have today?Is it still true that the first education a child gets is at home? It might sounds old school,but I was more afraid of my dad and mom than I was the principal or even the police. Lock me up, give me detention for a mnth but PLEASE don't call dad in here!

It seems to me a bit of common sense would say that "if you can't handle having kids...don't have kids." I think it's silly that we have so many licenses for so many things that don't have as much bearing on society and the future of our communities as raising good kids does! At the very least, make parents take a training course or give them a booklet.I'd rather pay for a $2 dollar book for parents than have to continue to pay taxes toward an ever increasing welfare state!