So another football year has gone by for us Bills fans.  This is the first Sunday since the bye week that we haven't had a Bills game to watch this season (If you don't count the games that were blacked out).  So this is the week that you pick who you hate the least and go with them for your favorites for the big game.  You can be sure with me it's not either the Jets or the Patriots.

It's been way too long since we've been in the playoffs...and even longer since we've won one.  For me, this is the week when I can go back to just watching football and not really caring who wins or loses.  I'm not a fantasy player and I'm not in any pools.  There's no money on the line.  It's just football again.  I've got nothing invested in it anymore.  I'm just counting the days until the big Superbowl party.  However, if you do still care who wins and loses in the NFL playoffs, then check out this link to the  NFL Playoff Picture.