It's that time of year!! Break out the waders, set the alarm clocks and get ready for opening day of trout season! Gonna be a chilly day, better pack your warm coat to!It used to be an annual tradition for me and my friends. Getting up early and heading for the streams at the break of dawn. Yes, there are those that get out at the stroke of midnight. I prefer fishing along creeks and streams at day break. There is just something magical about it. We would hit the area around Holland and head south toward Franklinville and Ishua. Case and Harwood lake made for great fishing as well. Most of the time we would get there and catch tons of the "stock" fish. I won't tell you what the secret to our success was, but once we got in the right spot, it was crazy how many we would get. Great memories of those frosty April mornings!

Here is the link to the DEC sight to get the information on Trout fishing in New York! Good luck!!