I’ve noticed a serious lack of quality in my socks lately. Every time I grab a pair there’s a hole or the elastic has quit and they’re bunched up around my ankles. I shouldn't have to think about my socks - they should be ready to go when I am. The good news is that I’ve found quality socks and they, as should be expected, are 100% American made. Wigwam socks have an almost cult like following around the station. From socks made to withstand the coldest of days to everyday socks, Wigwam makes durable, quality socks.

Made in America, online at saveourcountryfirst.com, currently has 100% American-made Wigwam socks including…

40 Below - A fully cushioned thermal boot sock. Great Value.Great Fit. Great warmth.
Canada - A heavyweight, fully cushioned boot sock with an olefin sole for durability and superior wicking ability.

El Pine - A true Wigwam classic, Rugged 3-ply yarns make this ultimate reinforced ragg wool sock.
Merino Comfort Hiker - The softness of genuine Merino Wool in a reasonably priced hiker. (Available in single or 2-pack)

Merino/Silk Hiker - A natural union of luxurious silk and plush Merino wool.

Made in America has plenty of other 100% American made hunting related supplies at saveourcountryfirst.com and at their store at 900 Maple Road in Elma, New York. Remember, if every one of us spent an additional $3.33 on American made goods, we’d create 10,000 jobs. It’s that easy.

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