I recently joined The NRA. I have been wanting to become a member for a long time and the only reason that I have waited so long is pure laziness. I am a gun owner and a supporter of the  Second Amendment.  The NRA has long been known as an all American organization that uses it's size and strength to protect our rights provided by the Constitution. I was shocked when my free hat arrived yesterday.

I understand that we live in a so called "global economy" and that it is hard to find things that are truly "Made In America." Mark Andol is doing an outstanding job of promoting American jobs and American made products at his Made In America Store. He will tell you that it is very hard to find things that are %100 made in America. It is, however, possible.

When I received my cap from The NRA, I flipped open the inside of the band of the hat and there it was ... Made In ... CHINA! WHAT? The NRA? One of the most patriotic and Red, White and Blue organizations in our country uses a hat that is made in China? This is very upsetting.

Admittedly, if you were to look in my house you would find things made overseas. Like I said, it is hard to find products made solely in America. Yet, living in Buffalo, I can say for certain that there is a company that produces caps right here in the good old USA!

New Era Cap Company is headquartered right here in Buffalo and has a long tradition of manufacturing hats for Major League Baseball. I am sure if the NRA wanted to they could partner with a company like New Era and rethink their purchasing for the hats that they give to new members. If we are going to start to keep American jobs and money here at home, we have to start little by little. Organizations like the NRA with their size and stature should be the first in line.