The Olympic Games of London are now history. The United States led the medal count by a wide margin with 104 total medals, 17 more than second place China and a total of 46 gold medals, 8 more than China. Great Britain did very well coming in third place in total medals and in gold medals.

Last night closing ceremony concluded with the President of the International Olympic Committee calling on the youth of the world to assemble in four years in Rio de Janeiro for the Games of the 31st Olympiad. Then the Olympic flame was extinguished.

The Olympics are awarded to cities, rather than countries.

The most famous story of the start of the Olympics was Hercules, the son of Zeus was the only contestant in the first Olympics held in honor of his father. And he proclaimed future Olympics were to be held every four years.

Up until the 1900 Paris Olympics only men competed in the Olympics. Women were not invited.

The 1908 London Olympics extended to 187 days, from April 27th to October 31st. And it was at those London Games the first opening ceremony was held.

The Olympic Rings represent the five continents of the world and each ring is a different color so that the flags of all the countries participating have at least one of those colors.

The first Olympics to be televised were the 1936 Berlin Games.

World Wars I and II caused the 1916, 1940 and 1944 Olympics to be cancelled.