Here it is August 18th and it is getting to be that time of they year when kids go back to school. As I sit and watch the news both online and on TV, I can't help but think about how scary things are getting here at home in the USA and across the planet. Can some one tell me at what point did the people of the world start to get so lazy and dependent on others? I have tried to hold back my thoughts but I just can't any longer.It seems like a long time ago, but it really wasn't that the original settlers came here to start a new life. A life free from not only the persecution based on their religious beliefs but, they sought freedom and INDEPENDENCE from the strict government that they faced back at home.

We Are All Equal On Day #1

I hear alot of talk these days about entitlement and the haves vs the have nots.  It's time I share my thoughts on all of this. Specifically to those that are heading back to school. Politics aside for a moment, I think that the best way to sum up what I feel is one word. OPPORTUNITY. You see, at this point you have somewhat of a clean slate. You are as equal to the person sitting next to you in class on day number 1 in that you have the opportunity to learn as much and do as well as you can to get as far as you can. Granted, some of you may not have the means to go to a private school or perhaps live in a district that has been listed as one of the top districts in Western New York. However, you have the opportunity to work as hard as you can to succeed in the situation you are in.

How Do You Explain A Champion?

Consider those that are top in their fields. Whether it be a farmer or a pro athlete. A doctor or a landscaper. They are top in their fields simply because they saw an opportunity to achieve and they worked as hard as they could to get there. True, their are some that have natural talents. Let's face it, as hard as I work at it, I will never be  Lance Armstrong on a bike. Still, guys like Lance took what they were given talent wise and worked hard to capture the most they could out of an opportunity. Farmers work as hard as they can every single day to seize an opportunity to make the most out of their farms. Whether it be to milk at capacity or to raise the most crops per acre, the opportunity it there, all that is needed is the hard work.

The Fruit Of Labor Is Success

Take that analogy and apply it to those of you headed back to school. Your fields are ready your cows are in the parlor, what will you do to reach the highest level of production? Here is a little secret about life that some these days try to hide.Don't count on others to do the work for you. It is YOUR opportunity and YOUR responsibility to do the work. Too many people have forgotten that we are all born in the greatest country in the world. The number one thing in my opinion we have been blessed with is OPPORTUNITY. The way things are going financially  these days is a direct result of those that are waiting for others to do the work for them while expecting to receive the fruits of the labor of those who actually see the opportunity as a way to get ahead.

It's All In Your Hands

Do yourself a big favor and count only on yourself. Recognize your talents. Work as hard as you can and do as well as you can even if it means extra hours or having to go against the popular opinion. When you get to the highest level you can , you can look back and be proud that you made it there simply because you saw the opportunity and made the most out of it.  Good luck this year!