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Where You Can Find Chocolate Chicken Wings
So we're clear, they're not ACTUAL chicken wings. They're mold of the Buffalo staple, but people are loving them. If you're struggling with last minute gift ideas, here is something you can get your Valentine! (Or lets be honest...probably yourself...
Is ‘Peppa Pig’ Causing Your Kid To Start Talking Differently?
Instead of going on 'vacation', has your kid started going on 'holiday'?
Parents are noticing that kids who watch the mega-popular show, Peppa Pig are starting to talk in an English accent and even pick up on some of their phrasing
One mom said that “After 21 hours of flight time spent binge-watching …
Last Night Garth Brooks Talked About Buffalo, NY in Nashville
This week is the Country Radio Seminar, which is a conference in Nashville that brings anyone in the industry from radio to record labels to journalists all together for a few days. While there, you'll see some rare moments with artists doing not-so-normal things while everyone is in town...

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