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WATCH: The World’s Biggest Hernia Ever [VIDEO]
If you know anyone that's ever had a hernia-you know they hurt--bad!
Glenn Williams recently had surgery for his giant hernia. The huge football sized hernia in his stomach caused huge pains, but after 2 years he finally got an operation and treatment to get it fixed and repaired by specialist s…
DETAILS: 2017 World’s Largest Disco in Buffalo, NY
One of the most popular is returning to Buffalo! When is the World's Largest Disco? What time is the World's Largest Disco and how much are tickets?
We've got your back.
Buffalo Convention Center
Saturday Nov. 25, 2017
8:00 PM
7,000 people will party retro-style and will help benefit …
The 5 Best Whiskey Bars You Need To Try in Buffalo, NY [LIST]
We brought to you the perfect list of Buffalo Brewery Checklist and the Distillery Tour Checklist, but Buffalo has a few hidden (or not so hidden) bars that specialize in Whiskey.
As we get ready for the cold months in Buffalo it's the perfect time for to check out some of these new hot spots fo…
Free Pumpkins Available in WNY on Friday!
Fall isn't over just yet! Free pumpkins are up for grabs on Friday at the Great Pumpkin Farm on Friday in Clarence!
You can take as many as you'd like, too!
They don't want them to go to waste so, they are offering them to those who want them, but they want the pumpkins to go to good us…

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