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‘Act of Terror’ in New York Kills 8, Injures 11
Police have confirmed that 8 people have died in what they are calling an 'act of terror'. 6 people, all men were pronounced dead right on the scene and 2 more critically injured people died at the hospital. 11 more were injured.
A man took a truck that he rented from Home Depot in lower Ma…
Buffalo Bills Make Big Trade At Deadline
The future is now for the Buffalo Bills.  That's the way it appears after the Bills acquired star receiver Kelvin Benjamin from the Carolina Panthers just prior to Tuesday's 4 pm trade deadline.  In exchange the Bills send third round and seventh round 2018 draft picks to th…
Scary Moment During Wendy Williams TV Show
Wendy Williams appeared to pass out during Tuesday's episode of her annual Halloween show.  Dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume her speech began to slur and she looked wide-eyed into the camera, stumbled, then fell backward.

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