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Albino Deer Spotted in East Aurora
They're not very common but one seems to be popping in and around East Aurora. It could be an Albino deer but those are VERY rare and really don't live that long. Whether it's a white deer or an albino deer one thing is known, these are not seen very often...
[CHART] When You Should Put Your Kids To Bed
Ever have a problem trying to figure out when to put your kids to bed? You put them to bed too early, they goof off and are hyper or if you put them to bed too late, it's a bad day at school.
Here's a chart that Wilson Elementary in Wisconsin has shared for a long time that a lot of familie…
New Cell Phone Trick Is Stealing From College Kids In WNY
So here's what's been happening around Western New York:

The scam is called 'credit muling'.
A scammer will get someone, usually college kids strapped for cash.
The victims are told to go buy cell phones that are under contract and the scammer will pay them
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New Plans Coming To Canalside!
Just when you keep saying to yourself "It looks great here" over and over again down at Canalside, they have more plans in their back pocket. This year, the  Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation just approved 1.3 million dollars for new designs of new facilitates and upgrades for the …

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