How awesome? This just proves that high school cliches don't always apply.

Two students with down syndrome were elected West Orange High School's homecoming king and queen this week.

According to WFTV:


The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida said that it was the first time two students with Down syndrome were elected homecoming king and queen in the state. Adkins wore a brown one-shoulder gown and Hunter rocked a black tuxedo complete with a puffy blue crown".

Semone Adkins was elected queen and Trazjuan "Bubba" Hunter was voted the king and the high school football quarterback for the school said that this didn't happen by any means because anyone felt 'sorry' for them. "Just the opposite. They really deserve it. I mean, homecoming is about bringing people together and having fun. And that's what they do."

"Oh, everybody in town knows Bubba. I swear he could run for mayor — and probably win."

Adkins and Hunter participated in a talent contest earlier in the week. They danced to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies." The two have been lifelong friends.