The Panera Bread restaurant chain wants to open up a store in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village, but the company is facing somewhat of a bump in the road.  That bump is Blockbuster Video!  Although many other Blockbusters have closed their doors, the location on Elmwood is not ready to leave.  Panera, which would like to move into the Blockbuster location, has already submitted a building plan to the Buffalo Planning Board.  Obviously, more legal steps need to be taken along with a public hearing which is scheduled for the end of July.  Panera has hopes of moving in by next year!

Thoughts: Although I love Panera Bread, it just doesn't fit in the Elmwood Village.  The Elmwood Village is made up of locally owned businesses, mom-n-pop places, niche places.  That's what makes it cool and unique.  Adding a Panera Bread would cheapen the feel of the area, almost as if Elmwood Village is "selling out."