What do you think of this one?

A Washington high school's "hotness competition" is being questioned, but the school says there is nothing that they can do about it.

Issaquah High School should be getting ready for summer vacation, but the boys in the school have just been starting their May tradition where, each year, they take numerous girls throughout the school and put them into a "hotness competition".

The 'tournament' is set up like March Madness, where two girls will go up against one another and be judged on how good they look that day. One is eliminated, and the other moves on to go up against another winner. During the entire competition, the guys encourage the girls to look their finest.

However, because this is run on a personal website, it is hard for the school to get involved.

Last year, the school and the parents were able to shut down the website of the derogatory website after they went to the police; however, it was only temporarily. The police threatened to arrest the organizers after profane and vulgar comments were posted using other people's names-a crime in Washington. However, since then, students have become more techy-savvy and had accessibility for the site and the voting polls harder to reach. Facebook links to the voting sites have also been removed. Organizers have also stayed anonymous.

What do you think? Ridiculous? The school needs to do a better job? Hard to control these kids?