As I was driving "The Mothership" (my minivan) around at the mall today I came across something that I just had to share with you.  I've seen some pretty jaw dropping parking before but this one was pretty amazing.  How many door dings do you think came from this park job?

Honestly, there's a good chance that the person that drives this truck or the other crossover vehicle listen to this station because it happened right here at The McKinley Mall.  To be honest, I'm not sure who was wrong first!

At first glance it's pretty easy to say that The red Buick seems to be in the wrong because they parked sooo close to the truck.  It seems like the Buick was second because why would the truck driver park themselves in like that?

Then as I continue to drive around the truck, check out how crooked it was!

Is parking really that tight?  Who do YOU think is wrong here?

And of course, anytime you see bad parking, click a pic and send it to me (  I'd love to see it, and post it too!