An update on that story we told you about yesterday.  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has now apologized for his comments on Wednesday regarding Buffalo hotels.  During casual conversation with reporters during Super Bowl week the subject of his parents came up.  He said they've traveled many times from their California home to watch him play at various sites around the country, especially during his days at the University of Michigan. Then out of the blue Brady seemed to single out hotels in Buffalo. "I don't know if you guys have been to the hotels in Buffalo. They're not the nicest places in the world."  [read full post]

Buffalo News columnist Jerry Sullivan caught up with Brady on Thursday morning and Brady regretted making the comments.  He admitted that "Buffalo was tough on us this year - at Buffalo" referencing the Week 3 Patriots loss to the Bills where Brady was intercepted four times.  Brady said "anytime you throw four picks you feel pretty miserable all week."  Brady also said he should have picked a non-NFL city for a comment like that. 

Brady was also informed that Buffalo's most elite hotel, The Mansion on Delaware had extended an invitation to him and his wife to stay there.  He replied he appreciated it.  No word on whether he plans to accept the invitation.