As if Buffalo Bills fans didn't have enough reasons to despise the New England Patriots. Now comes another. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady bashed Buffalo during an interview during Super Bowl week.

Brady was being asked some non-game type questions when the subject of his parents came up. He said they've traveled many times from their California home to watch him play at various sites around the country, especially during his days at the University of Michigan. Then out of the blue Brady seems to single out hotels in Buffalo. "I don't know if you guys have been to the hotels in Buffalo. They're not the nicest places in the world."  Where did they stay?  An Occupy Buffalo tent?  I'm sure the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce won't appreciate it. 

That insult comes on the heels of Toronto Maple Leafs center Joffrey Lupul's photo of his window-view from a downtown hotel as the Leafs prepared for a game with the Sabres.  Lupul included the comment - check out the grammar - "Is there any windowless rooms in Buffalo?"  Lupul commented later he was only kidding.