In an effort to make the roadways a safer place for everyone, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced higher penalties for anyone who is caught texting while driving.

Starting today (June 1), the penalties for texting while driving are increasing from three points to five points on your license, making it a primary offense. The governor said that New York State needs to crack down on individuals who violate the no texting while driving law, especially with the younger generation, who are often distracted while behind the wheel.

At a press conference in Manhattan on Friday, the governor stated that texting while driving is a chronic problem in today's society and is only getting worse. He also proposed legislation to increase the penalties for young drivers and new drivers who are caught texting while driving.

It was back in March that Governor Cuomo also announced that starting in July, fines for individuals caught texting while driving will increase from $100 to $150 for a first violation, and go up to $400 for multiple offenses.

New York State Troopers have been advised to boost enforcement of the law during the summer, and just keep in mind that the police usually see you before you spot them. I think it's best that we keep our eyes on the road, not the cell phone.